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Pharma Development Opportunities

Aumapharma is available to build a startup pharmaceutical company with a focus on profitably developing and obtaining regulatory approval for new products to treat significant unmet medical needs for respiratory conditions. The initial focus is on reformulation, delivery device development, safety and dosage testing, efficient clinical trial design and regulatory approvals with existing, known compounds. We believe that unmet medical needs in pulmonary indications are commercially attractive, and that we can serve those needs by utilizing formulation, drug delivery and clinical development expertise.

The goal is to become a leading provider of respiratory disease directed products. We intend to accomplish this goal by building an organization that develops and obtains regulatory approvals for small molecule drugs for various respiratory conditions with unmet clinical need, thereby creating better disease management options, improved human health and superior quality of life for our patients.

Focus of Aumapharma Development:
  • Development expertise in pulmonary delivery in orphan indications that are overlooked by Big Pharma
  • Development of orphan indications in partnership with opinion leaders and patient advocacy groups
  • Develop existing, academic IP and Investigator INDs that are explored by academics from US/Europe
  • Utilize knowledge of targeted pulmonary delivery: Aumapharma is in a unique position to rapidly develop pulmonary drugs by utilizing the deposition efficacy of novel technologies.
  • Aumapharma has global contacts in the area of pulmonary drug development, and can leverage its worldwide business contacts in this space.
  • Aumapharma can operate both in the US as well as Europe